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A Strat for Friday #48 - Nash Guitars 'Firecaster' #2

Bill Nash Relic Guitars

Nash Firecaster(photo: Bill Nash of Nash Guitars)

This week I was honored to receive an email from expert relic guitar creator Bill Nash, who included this photo and "The Ultimate Distressed Guitar Story", below in his own words:

"...We had a very nasty fire about a year ago in our paint facility. As you know nitrocellulose lacquer is incredibly flammable. We'll, we proved it. At the end of this disaster I had saved out three burned bodies that were not a total loss. We had 300 bodies and about 45 necks in house at the time and lost about a third to complete charred status. Basically anything that had any lacquer on it went and all bodies that had no paint, were just a bit in need of cleanup. These three bodies I saved had lacquer but were far enough from the flash point to only suffer medium damage. Fast forward to a year later, which was just a few weeks back. I took one of these bodies to build a guitar. I burned and or melted the additional parts, but in a way that everything worked and played 100%. I called one of my dealers and though he was a bit hesitant, he took delivery of the so named "Firecaster". We figured it may be a fun piece to hang on the wall as a curiosity or whatever. It sold as he was unpacking it. Fastest sale we have ever experienced. He immediately called and reserved the other two..."

Pictured is the the second model, Bill just completed.

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