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How Taylor's New Solidbodies Will Impact Electric Guitar Industry

(photo: Taylor Insider Newsletter)
News of Taylor's new solidbody guitars, formally debuting at Jan. 2008 Winter NAMM, isn't any kind of new scoop by the time of this writing. Nor are these guitars Strat-shaped.

(Looks like they know the best switch style to use)


Based on Taylor's innovative operating basis, and how they've kicked ass all over the acoustic and acoustic-electric hybrid guitar industry throughout the 90's to the present, it should be exciting to observe the effects of their technologies in the solidbody market.

Part of the significance lies in the fact that Taylor created a new pickup; opening the door for their solid body guitar. I know this isn't news either, but just think about it for a minute... Knowing Taylor, it can't just be another pickup. And in their usual style of course, Taylor has also designed new pots, switches, bridge and neck-body interface. A new website just for this line is coming soon also.

Is there a Trem? Dunno yet, but they'll only design a good one if they decide to. Will the pickups become available as a separate item? I hope so! What about a Taylor Custom Shop?

See where I'm headed here.

I phoned Taylor yesterday and wasn't able to get any more info than what's already published on their website, but my Monday lunch hour call was answered on the first ring by a real human. A cheerful one too, who transferred me to another friendly voice who was only too happy to share what they could. Oh yeah, a few years ago, I recall emailing Taylor with a technical question and receiving a prompt and detailed reply, concluded with an apology for being so long winded.

Watch out for these folks! They kill their competitors and are soooo nice to the rest of us.

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