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EMMA Pedals, Effects & Cartoons From Denmark

EMMA pedals turn your Strat plum loco!

Everything is funny about EMMA, except for the serious tone and craftsmanship of their products-- all 4 of them. Check out these product names:

DB-1 DiscomBOBulator - Auto-Wah Envelope Filter
OMP-1 OnoMATOpoeia - Overdrive Booster
RF-1 ReezaFRATzitz - Overdrive Distortion
TM-1 TransMORGrifier- Compressor

Take a tour at www.emmaelectronic.com and listen to the product sample mp3's. They build just a few boxes, but very well. Until I discovered EMMA and Carl Martin products, the only Danish made stuff I knew about was those canned hams and cookies.

I really like the cookies!

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