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Custom Kennel Shop's 'Relic Vik Artist Strat'

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Sept. 2007
Former rural Virginia based fighting dog- turned luthier, Butchy Vik, has just cranked out his first piece-- or should we say piece(s)...

Vik's newly founded Custom Kennel Shop promises, "...a lot more where that came from, chief!"

"I know they no longer look like guitars and aren't really playable, but they used to be and that's what counts in this industry, right. I mean, look at the Jeff Beck Tele. Besides, when I start on a build, I just can't seem to quit until it's just perfect, yknow what I'm say'n! " (That's right, a talking dog with wood crafting skills).

We respect this, especially since Butchy is just a pit bull. It took guts to escape his cruel & evil master, get out of the fight game and make a dramatic career leap to luthiery. More than we can say for his master who is switching to "license-platery".

Sez Vik, "Once the web site is up, I'm gonna diversify into furniture, shoes, Escalade interiors and sports gear as well as relic guitars..."

We wish him the best!

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