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Yvan Le Gall - Strat-o-Brother & Traveller


I ran into Yvan Le Gall on myspace and really like his music. Yvan doesn't have any photos posted with his guitar, though he says he plays a '92 Strat Ultra. His photos and bio reveal Yvan's recent travels through India.

So here's a photo of Yvan playing a "Cobracaster".

You must check out his tunes. "Beautiful Strange" is an Andy Timmons cover, and "Above and Below" is a Brecker Bros tune. All the rest are Yvan's. Listen to his tune "Sweet"-- my personal favorite.

You also should check out all his photos from India (you'll need a myspace acct.).

Le Gall reminded me of my favorite television show, Anthony Bourdain's- No Reservations. Cool concept, a Strat slinging world traveller who plays with cobras.


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