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Vote for Cheeziest Hendrix Merchandise


Guitar Noize just got his Hendrix Guitar Hero t-shirt.

Whaddaya think about this?

Pretty cheezy, but it's awfully hard to beat the Hendrix air freshner. Now the Hendrix Electric Vodka, that's another story altogether.

The good folks at are selling the Hendrix air fresheners for your car, at $2.95-- a 41% savings (it says so right on their site-- 41%!!!).

Oh yeah, and we can't forget that for a mere $1500.00 you can own a special hunk of Hendrix memorabilia from

I personally own a velvet portrait of Hendrix, which is especially unique because he's actually playing lefty. So many of his velvet paintings are righties. I guess ya kinda have to be an aficionado of sorts to appreciate these things though...

What's your favorite Hendrix product?

"But as far as I know
They may even try to wrap me up in cellophane and try and sell me
Brothers help me, and don't worry about lookin at the storm"

Jimi Hendrix
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
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