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Strat Pickguards With Sexy Pin-ups and More...

Pickguard Graphics, Waterslide Decals & Static Cling Stickers

lingerie guitar decalUntil Fender comes out with that Victoria's Secret Strat, you can Bada Bing your own guitar and save big booty in the process!

Rockin' Billy's Guitar Parts has some of the wildest Strat pickguards yet! They also have custom graphics neck plates, rear trem covers, switch plates and trussrod covers. Graphics themes include 50's pin-up models, retro sci-fi movie poster art, old westerns and even a '57 Chevy tail fin pickguard.

Pictured above is the THONG model. I can't seem to drum up traffic and comments as well as some of my fellow guitar bloggers, so now I'm resorting to sex... Yeah, that's the ticket!

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