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A Strat for Friday #47 - Custom Shop '64 Relic- Gold

Greg Fessler Gold Sparkle Stratocaster

(photo: The Music Zoo -link below)

Custom Shop Fessler Gold Sparkle Strat
Here's a new Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt 1964 Relic Reissue by Greg Fessler (now that's a mouthful!). This Strat is currently for sale at The Music Zoo eBay Store. They have some sweet stuff.

If you aren't quite ready to spring for a Custom Shop Masterbuilt, check out some of the cool Custom Shop merchandise at Guitar Gear Stores. Maybe a Custom Shop t-shirt, ball cap or coffee mug to make people think you got it goin on. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

But seriously folks, as you gaze upon the golden glitter and back of the neck's faux worn finish, say farewell to the Summer of 2007 and the peeling sunburnt skin on the back of your own dirty neck (now that's a poignant passage). This has been another edition of Deep Thoughts by Stratoblogster. Tune in again next week as we delve into another Friday Strats edition...

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