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A Strat for Friday #44 - Cruz Masterbuilt 'Flame Thrower'

FCS John Cruz Stratocaster
John Cruz Flame Thrower Strat

Aug. 10, 2007
Here's a masterbuild by Fender Custom Shop's John Cruz, currently featured for sale at Fuller's Vintage Guitar.
Fuller's copy says they picked it up at Summer NAMM.

The body is chambered mahogany with maple top. The rear loaded electronics include Duncan Double Stacks. An unpretentious mix of aesthetics and ulitity between the finish and chrome knurled knobs.
The absent pickguard obviously shows off the maple, but also consider no body dampening from the pickguard, plus the pickups are mounted into the body. Combining that with the chambered body and those pickups, could make for one churnin' urn of burnin' over-the-top monster tone.

But I'm only guessing.

Go ahead and discuss it with the spouse.

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