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A Strat for Friday #43 - Grosh Retro Classic Tie Dye

Grosh Guitars

Grosh Guitars Classic Tie Dye
As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Summer of Love, here's some tie dye from super custom builder Don Grosh. The Retro Classic series incorporates the basic S-type platform with hi-end custom refinements and a huge array of finish options. The tie dye is also available in other backgrounds.

Grosh specializes in fine S & T type customs in a variety of configurations, so be sure to explore the entire website. Our Friday Strat #20 Valentine's Day feature, was also a Grosh. Artist list includes: Michael Landau, Randy Jacobs (Boneshakers) and our very own Strat-o-Bro Doug Rappoport (Edgar Winter).

Just for a fun experiment this Summer, start ending every sentence with the word "man", and watch how people react. If they comment about it, just say you're only doing it thru August, to recognize The Summer of Love... man.

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