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Relic Relief for Relic Guitar Stress Issues (RGSI)

August 10, 2007
Clowning around with the relic guitar scene has been fun. If you suffer RGSI symptoms from inhaling too much acetone, lighter fluid, polyurethane, nitrocellulous lacquer fumes-- or gnawing the paint chips from your belt buckle, you are recommended to consult the following directory of Relic Relief treatments.

Relictile Dysfunction?

Be a Relic Player

REHAB Series Relics

Beyond Relic

Relic Guitars Need Relic Strings

Hold the Relic, Please!

Stratoblogster's Relic Guitar Philosophy

Custom Kennel Shop's "Vik Artist Strat"

If you achieve relic-ness lasting for more than 4 hours, you are urged to seek immediate medical assistance.

Relic Guitar Resources

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