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Passive Matrix Switching for Guitar

You're looking at a sophisticated switching interface installed in the back of a Strat (see trem cover to left).

This device, built by Precision Music Tech, enables you to program dozens of natural tone settings from your existing pickups. How is this done? I don't even have a clue. Just glad it's natural, which probably also means "no transfats" either.

For all I know, they froze SRV's head-- y'know, like Walt Disney's, and figured out how to download into a chip. But I'm only guessing.

You're gonna have to visit the PMT link above and sort it out for yourself.

Ambrosonics,LLC is also developing similar technology. A recent online Ambrosonics profile provides additional overview in layman's terms-- except for the last paragraph (excerpt below) which froze my head with no hope for future download.


"...A programmable/semi-programmable pickup and transducer switching system includes a control, a plurality of switches communicatively interconnected to the control, an encoder communicatively interconnected to the control, a memory/buffer/drive with switching element options for passive or active pickup switching, said memory/buffer/drive being communicatively interconnected to the control, and a display system communicatively interconnected to the memory/buffer/drive. The display system includes at least one transparent fastening screw with an associated light emitting diode configured to provide a visual indication of an associated pickup activity..."

That's your Passive Matrix Switching in a nutshell folks!
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