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Gibson Almost Nailed it on Week #10

The folks over at the Lazy G Ranch have been doin' that "Guitar of the Week" thing this year, releasing some 400 odd reissue or special types each week. IG at Ig Blog has been tryin' in vain to corral somebody at the Lazy G for a darn interview about it. But I reckon, they's just too busy to give ol' IG the time of day. Yessir, ol' Hank over there don't much cotton to the hired hands wastin' any time.

All them "Yes folks" walkin' on cat feet all day long sayin' "Yes sir, Mr J!", "Right away, Mr. J!", "We'll get right on it, Mr. J!", "Whatever you say, Mr J!", "Great idea, Mr. J!", etc., etc... Nowadays, it takes a Harvard MBA to whup the efficiency into yer crew, so's they don't waste time with poker games, tradin' fiddle stories in the bunkhouse, chewin' the fat with IG and such goin's on.

Anyhoo, just thought I'd add my 2 cents about what they're a-doin' over there.

I'm kinda partial to Week #10's SG Special with the 3 single coils. Don't ask me why...

I just think they might be on to somethin' here. However, might I suggest a few minor changes:

1) Replace that dang rotary deal with a lever switch.
2) Lengthen them horns, but round 'em off some too.
3) Throw all the pegs on one side; like they knows each other.
4) Give that jack a little trough to nuzzle into.
5) Offer a trem option asides that durn blasted Bigsby!

Otherwise, I think this one shows promise. Let it lead the herd all the way to Dodge City!
And have IG over to the chuckwagon for a spell-- be neighborly!!
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