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Get New NOS, Thin Skin, Vintage and RI Stratocasters

Butterscotch StratNOS is now a marketing term for "New Old Style", as opposed to New Old Stock. It fits right in with Reissue (RI), Vintage, Closet Classic, Thin Skin, Anniversary and Relic models. I know I left out a few more...

If you prefer your Strats like your jeans-- broken in and faded, Fender has just what you want. Thin Skin Nitro '57's and '59's are also coming in on the heels of the Eric Johnson Strat; perhaps Fender's best current production line model.

When real old is not affordable, the next best thing is New Old Style-- and all those other names.

Browse and compare classic New Old Style Strats at the following links:

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Fuller's Vintage Guitar Texas based Fender Dealer with huge inventory of relic Strats and Tele's.

Warpdrive Music is a world-class dealer of rare vintage instruments, vintage amplifiers, and high quality American and imported guitars. We are your premier destination for Gibson, Fender Custom Shop, Grestch, Taylor, Alvarez Yairi and much more!

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