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Craig Ferguson- Guitar Face Monologue

Host of the CBS- Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson's 8/14/07 monologue included a great deal of guitar whackiness! If you know Ferguson, you know he's capable of whackiness.

It started when he mentioned the latest Van Halen reunion news and poked fun, as expected. He mentioned we probably won't be seeing Diamond Dave in ass-less chaps this time around, because at 52 "it" will just fall out. Then he went into EVH's guitar playing which evolved into Ferguson playing air guitar and trying to mimic EVH's guitar faces and moves.

I cracked up when he referred to Eric Clapton, as having little expression or guitar face, and morphing into the typical stoic, downward, long faced Clapton look. Funny!!

Ferguson actually spent a good bit of time on the guitar thing, and I got the idea he's into guitar culture. And did I mention, the guy is whacky? Almost whacky enough to play guitar...
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