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Summer NAMM 2007 in Austin- Makes Sense!

(Stevie Ray Vaughan print by: Debra Hurd)

7/27 NOTE:
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Even though I'm in the Pacific Northwest and won't be able to attend Summer NAMM '07, it still makes perfect sense for this show to be in Austin, Texas. The self proclaimed "Live Music Capital of the World" is also supposed to have the most guitar players per capita in the US. The number of Austin Myspace band/guitarist sites probably confirms this claim. And believe me, there is no end to them!

July 27-29, at the Austin Convention Center-- yes, the same place Austin City Limits is taped. The strains of SRV still resonate within the architecture, and stratoliciousness oozes throughout Austin's smokin' music scene.

I wonder if anyone's ever made a mesquite Strat body... Before you say it's too small, CLICK HERE.

Go to Austin, if it's possible!

Portland, Oregon is not likely to ever see a NAMM show, but at least the Trail Blazers got Greg Oden!
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