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A Strat for Friday #42 - Robin Ranger Slabtop Supreme

Robin Guitars Ranger Model

In honor of the current Summer NAMM weekend in Austin, we're featuring a fine Texas product from Robin Guitars.

The Ranger model has been a flagship model of Robin's for many years now, blending together the best of Strat/Tele features with looks that say "Texas" at a glance. The Slabtop Supreme series is one of 5 Ranger configurations. "Slabtop Supreme" conjures up a menu item from one of those huge Texas BBQ establishments-- sort of a six stringed smoked brisket effect (I gotta stop blogging when I haven't eaten).

Click Here for the entire Ranger series photos and specs. While you're in the Slab Supreme section, click the image there and check out the creamy body binding on the blue finished model.

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