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Remember Tony Joe White? Swamp Music Lives!

Waaay back in 1969, while Neil Armstrong was taking one small step for grammar, everyone was listening to "Polk Salad Annie", a pop radio hit those days by Tony Joe White. In 1970, he hit again with "Rainy Night in Georgia". After that, he fell off the mainstream radar. But he never quit writing, touring and performing his own brand of Swamp Music with his '65 Strat.

It could be said that White is more laid back than JJ Cale, more bayou than John Fogerty and nearly as scary as RL Burnside or John Lee Hooker. If you're lookin' for roots music, look no further. He's even from Louisiana-- singin' about gators, swamps, crawdads, dangerous woman and the like-- all the important ingredients, if you also happen to be a Food Network fan.

Check out the tune "Keep Going" on his Myspace. This is the real deal.

I was just re-introduced to TJW from this ARTICLE at the Nashville Scene website. And of course, the man has a Myspace page loaded with groovin' tunes unaffected by the decades, the trends and the business. This guy knows exactly who he is. There's really no other way to describe him. Like Cale, TJW 's tunes have been covered by major artists including Elvis, and he has toured with Clapton, Joe Cocker, Fogerty and many others.

The tunes, the voice and the grooves are timeless. In a world of so much change, it's very cool to crack a cold one and kick it with Tony Joe White, who I'm honored to add as a Strat-o-Brother.

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