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Parkinson's Sufferer Picks up Strat Again!

61 year old Derek Edwards, in the U.K., was struck down with Parkinson's disease a few years ago and forced to retire from his job and almost everything else, including playing guitar.

However, after discovering a natural medication called L-Dopa, derived from an amino acid, Derek has made a spectacular turnaround. So spectacular, in fact, that he's not only able to play guitar again, but he's formed a band, and is playing gigs.

Derek last played in a band in the 60's, and has re-prioritized his life from his Parkinson's experience. He's making the most of things right now and gettin' Jimi with it for as long as he can! No, he's not calling the band "The Parkinson's Experience", it's actually called "Time Again".

I'm adding Derek to our Strat-o-Brothers family because he's an inspiration!

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If you have a friend or loved one affected with this disease, make sure to research the L-Dopa stuff!
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