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Mike Farris- Salvation in Lights is the Real Deal!


Mike Farris is one of those singers like Jonny Lang, who you can't believe is white when you finally see him. If not for Sirius #18 The Spectrum, I wouldn't already know about Mike, whose new release "Salvation in Lights" includes the soul ripping tune "Can't No Grave Hold My Body Down".

I'm hooked on this tune right now. Dunno exactly who does the guitar work, but the main guitar groove line runs thru a beautiful Univibe/Leslie effect. This stuff is timeless. Right now, you can hear the tune at Mike's myspace. Also check the BIO link below for Mike's REAL story. It's so real, it hits you in gut, but perhaps not as hard as Mike's singing!

From the bio page:
"This isn't a story about a worship band, or about a youth pastor who happens to write songs. It's a story about a guy working out his salvation with a guitar..."

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