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Madalyn's Music Biz Blog - Help for Indies

Madalyn Sklar is a music business consultant, coach and motivator to indie musicians. Her blog is loaded with tips, tools and topics to help musicians with everything from songwriting to marketing. Madalyn offers one on one consulting, regular tele-seminars, ebooks and more. Her blog is very active and filled with other resources she's discovered, i.e. music conferences, useful industry info for indie artists and other website links like ArtistsHouse Music and Singer & Musician Magazine.

A couple items that caught my interest are ebooks on how to market your music on Myspace and create a site there that presents you professionally.

If you have tunes and wanna get out of the garage, Madalyn has the goods on how to do it.

Check out all her sites:
Madalyn's Music Biz Blog
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