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Jimmy Page EDS-1275 Fundraiser Guitar for MusiCares

Not a Strat, but check the following item sent to me by Kompolt Online Auction Agency:

"Own the guitar that made “Stairway to Heaven” a hit.

A rare “aged” reproduction of Jimmy Page’s s signature EDS-1275 Double Neck Guitar is being sold for charity on eBay

Kompolt Online Auction Agency wants to give all Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin fans the opportunity to bid on this unique guitar and support the MusiCares Foundation.

Are you ready to own a Gibson EDS-1275? Take the chance and bid on #11 of the just twenty-six Limited Edition Gibson guitars replicated after the one Page played during the 1971 Led Zeppelin IV tour! Jimmy personally played and then signed each of the twenty-six, keeping #1 for himself. This particular replica—identical to the original inside and out—has been carefully stored ever since; the only fingerprints currently on the guitar are Jimmy’s!

The Jimmy Page Guitar Charity Auction runs July 23 to August 2, 2007 with 10% of the winning proceeds benefiting the MusiCares Foundation. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: Visit for more information or to place a bid.

Please feel free to spread the word by posting this information and link on your website. If you have any questions, please contact Jade Catalano at Thank you from Kompolt Online Auction Agency.

Ever onward!

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