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Inside Musicast's Steve Lukather Podcast Interview

Another very cool podcast site is Inside Musicast, featuring excellent interviews with musicians and producer types, in your choice of 3 listening and download options. Many of the musicians currently featured are established session artists and musician's musicians with valuable insights to share. Interviews are conducted by two hosts, Rick Such and Eddy Cabello, who keep things lively and interesting.

Oh yeah, the photo is guitar monster Steve Lukather, who gives a cool interview and brings everyone up to speed on his many projects. I first saw Luke in '79 at a huge 3 day festival in L.A., when Van Halen was the king of the universe. Even though Toto was on the smooth rock side, Steve Lukather's big solo spot was a major hi-lite of the event. Yes, he bad! Some 28 years later, he's still melting fret wire with the best of em'!

Luke Interview
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