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Get Guitar Amp Tubes

Guitar Amp Gear: NOS Vacuum tubes by amperex, telefunken, mullard and more!

Guitar Amp Tubes and Parts
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New tubes, NOS tubes, matched sets, pre-amp tubes, rectifier tubes, power amp tubes, tube sockets, anything and everything valve related, plus-- a wide selection of amplifier parts and components, can be found at bottom:

FREE Amp/Tube schematics:
Dr. Tube
Schematic Heaven
The Blue Guitar
Duncan's Amp Pages
AmpGarage.com (amp builders discussion forum)
The Fender Amp Field Guide (at www.ampwares.com)
Fender.com Support (amp schematics pdf directory)

TUBE EDUCATION - Common tube applications for guitarists explained:

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Preamp Tubes by Dave Hunter (PG Article)
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Output Tubes by Dave Hunter (PG Article)

TIPS FOR BUYING NOS/New Old Stock Tubes: 

If buying on eBay, always check the seller's feedback score, ratings and history.

Real NOS tubes haven't been in service. Look for listings with clear, close photos-- or request pics from the seller.

Tubes should have no worn lettering, bent pins, clamp marks on the bases and spots or discolorations on/in the glass. These are all signs of usage and wear. Seller should be willing to accept returns, unless understood up front the tubes are "as is". But don't buy tubes as is, ok. Qualify the seller's track record and don't be afraid to ask questions and request pics.

A good set of NOS tubes is well worth your effort and care!

Tube Meister ask Bob's EZ Shop Do it Yourself Vacuum Tube Replacement Sets & Accessories, Analog/Digital Audio Systems, Over 13,000 Customers Worldwide - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

GTFBS-Good-Tubes-For-Better-Sounds - We've provided quality tubes and vintage electronics by RCA, GE, Tung-Sol, Sylvania and other manufacturers to eBay clients worldwide since 2001.

PartsPipe - "Buy SWITCHES and ELECTRONIC ACCESSORIES items from PARTSPIPE eBay Store. We also sell Push Button Switches, AMPLIFIER ACCESSORIES PARTS items on eBay."

Vacuum Tube Supply - "Vacuum Tube/Valve sales for antique radio, audio and ham use. Regular vacuum tube specials for Collins, Drake, Swan, Hammarlund, National, Hallicrafters, Heathkit, McIntosh, Scott, Fisher and Marantz."

Vintage Amp and Radio Tubes - Looks like these folks service the Hammond B crowd. All vintage NOS tubes are tested and warrantied by this seller. Serious!

Premium Tube - Lots of classic brands in sets i.e. RCA, GE, Mullard, Dumont, Amperex, Telefunken, Phillips, etc...

Even more good top rated tube suppliers below! Take your time to shop & compare before overpaying anywhere for your tubes


CJs Tube Collection


SRS Webstore

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eBay Current listings for NOS/Vintage by tube type:

12AX7 (pre-amp)




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