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Eight (8) Random Facts About Stratoblogster

I've been tagged by at least 4 bloggers so far on this one, and have tried to ignore it. Oh well, so here goes.

1) When I was a kid, I had season passes 3 consecutive years at the local swimming pool. I rode my bike there every morning, waited till it opened, and swam all day until it closed. One day per week, when the pool was closed, I used to ride over and check on the pool through the chain link fence.

2) Last Summer I only went swimming once. This Summer, I haven't gone yet.

3) My class in 6th grade got to meet John Wayne in person. He said, "Hiya kids, howwya doin!"-- and it sounded just like you think it would. The weird thing was that most of the guys in The Duke's entourage were taller than him. He still sounded cool though.

4) I used to play air guitar a lot at parties. I was the best. My specialty was Van Halen tunes. I've jumped off of house roofs doing that big chord in "Everybody Wants Some!!" You know the chord. I may require a hip replacement someday-- it only bothers me when I'm sober though.

5) My main guitar actually isn't a Strat-- it's a real '72 Tele Thinline on it's 3rd set of frets. The neck appears to have periodontal disease. This Tele mysteriously maintains human body temperature and makes me give it red meat. I walk a thin line...

6) I live between 4 pinot noir vineyards in Oregon, but still prefer beer. My current fave is "Desolation IPA" by Amnesia Brewing-- based in a corrugated garage in Portland. I'm always forgetting how to get there.

7) When I was about 6 years old I sang Beatles songs to the older neighborhood kids for pennies. That was the same year I saw James Brown on American Bandstand, ran out of the living room
in terror and wouldn't go back until he was gone. I also did that with The Outer Limits and Twilight Zone.

8) The first time I ate Thai food, I left my body. Then I got back in and finished lunch because it was really good. If it hadn't of been so good, no telling where I'd be now.

Alternate/Out-take #8.5) When I worked on fighter jets in the USAF, I used to climb into the cockpits and sneak big hits from the oxygen masks at the "Full Rich" setting. That's the level that keeps pilots from blacking out during high G maneuvers. It made me the smartest person in the world... for a minute at a time. During those minutes, I retained all I could, and as a result, today I'm a successful blogger.

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