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Devil Has Great Deals for Guitarists!


A web surfer from Oslo, Norway recently arrived at my blog by entering the following text at Google:

"Why every guitarist has made a deal with the devil"

Yeah, I'm on page #1 results for that line because of my content in a previous review on the Girl Brand Guitar's- Crossroads model.

As a public service to all our friends in the chilly Scandinavian regions, who probably play guitar to stay warm, here's a link to the whole Robert Johnson thing:


Read "Robert Johnson's Deal With the Devil and the Crossroads Curse".

Stay tuned for a future "How to" article of Do's and Don't's for guitarists considering a deal with the devil. If you're gonna do something like this, proper preparation and planning is essential. Don't just blindly jump into this sort of thing without doing your homework or working with some kind of professional consultant. One tip might be to start an LLC first, or something like that.

I'm also gonna try to get an interview with Robert Johnson in Hell-- assuming that's where he actually is right now. I guess I should check there first. But maybe God pardoned him, since he was such a great music influence. He probably wasn't a Catholic, which means RJ isn't stuck in some "in between" place. Stay tuned... (Interview link)

We welcome all guitarists- who've made good deals with the devil- to comment with any advise or tips!
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