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Bei Bei on the Gu Zheng

Bei Bei plays the Gu Zheng, a Chinese zither. There's a lot goin' on in this video. Think about the evolutions of stringed instruments, various designs and playing approaches. Some of the phrasing we hear from Steve Vai and Eric Johnson comes from this zone. The instrument and this form of music has been around for...? ________ B.C.

Aside from the various aesthetics of the video, check out the pitch and vibrato manipulation done with the left hand. On Bei Bei's myspace, listen to the tune "Corrupted" for a contemporary juxtaposition. Originally from China, Bei Bei currently resides, works and studies in L.A., where she collaborates with musicians of many genres and teaches Gu Zheng technique.

Bei Bei joins the Strat-o-Sisters family along with hip harp gal Deborah Henson-Conant , as both ladies have the "Strattitude" to be here.

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