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Stratoblogster Blog One Year Old!

Time for a piece of Stratocakester! This morning I just realized my first post was on July 31, 2006!

And yes, this is cause for great celebration. So I've narrowed party theme possibilities down to 2 special choices. Please help me decide which is best from the samples below:



The lines are now open! Be sure to cast your vote!
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Blinking Guitar Picks, Surfboards & Beach Party Flashbacks

I was watching one of those early 60's surf movies recently, with Frankie and Annette. The band scenes were loaded with Fender gear; Strats, basses and sparking brand new blackface amps! OMG!!

Too bad Santa Cruz Light Wells wasn't around in those days! In addition to producing The Light Pick line of flashing metronome guitar picks, SCLW is now also producing The Light Wave surfboard.

Surfing-Guitar culture is coming back, and blinking flashing guitar picks and surfboards are just the thing to kick it up another notch and accessorize with that "...itsy bitsy, teeny weeney, yellow polka dot bikini..."!
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Flickr Strat Find- The Mystery Bridge of '3B'

(photo:flickr-guitar pool)

Donn at Scraplog sends us this photo link. Click on the image for bigger image and links to Flickr's Guitar & Lutherie pools.

Where have I seen this bridge before? Can anyone refresh me? Top looks like ash. I like the selector switch location and how it's lined up with the controls and jack plate.

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A Strat for Friday #42 - Robin Ranger Slabtop Supreme

Robin Guitars Ranger Model

In honor of the current Summer NAMM weekend in Austin, we're featuring a fine Texas product from Robin Guitars.

The Ranger model has been a flagship model of Robin's for many years now, blending together the best of Strat/Tele features with looks that say "Texas" at a glance. The Slabtop Supreme series is one of 5 Ranger configurations. "Slabtop Supreme" conjures up a menu item from one of those huge Texas BBQ establishments-- sort of a six stringed smoked brisket effect (I gotta stop blogging when I haven't eaten).

Click Here for the entire Ranger series photos and specs. While you're in the Slab Supreme section, click the image there and check out the creamy body binding on the blue finished model.

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Exclusive Robert Johnson Interview From ...

7/26/07 4:12 PM
Pacific Daylight Time
I recently had an opportunity to briefly chat with the legendary King of the Delta Blues, through the miracle of the new AT&T. After a recent article "Devil has Great Deals for Guitarists", who should I get a call from, but Robert Johnson himself, phoning in from the afterlife. We had to keep it brief, because even though we're both AT&T users, transdimensional roving fees apply, and there are no free minutes. He also seems pretty busy these days.

I asked what I could quickly think of and frantically scribbled down the mysterious Mr. Johnson's replies.

Stratoblogster: It's a real honor to speak with you Mr. Johnson!

Johnson: Thanks. Call me Bob. I like your blog.

Stratoblogster: You actually read my blog, err... Bob!?

Johnson: Oh yeah, the internet is everywhere. Besides, somebody has to read your blog... Sorry, only kiddin' with ya.

Stratoblogster: It's okay, really! So, if you don't mind me asking, y'know with all that devil stuff and all... Umm, I mean... where exactly are you these days?

Johnson: If you're tryin' to ask if I'm in Hell, well the answer is yes and no. I'm actually closer to Newark, but that's all I can tell you about my location. I have certain obligations which don't allow me to discuss this. It's kinda like a witness protection program, but drivin' in a different terraplane of sorts.

Stratoblogster: Sure, makes total sense to me. So, the big mysteries surrounding you involve how you were such a great Blues musician, whether you really sold your soul to get that way and how you actually died. Can you elaborate on any of these subjects in hopes of setting the stories straight?

Johnson: Well, at this point it wouldn't really make much difference how things actually went down, now would it? It wouldn't change the music, right? Let 'em spin on about me. It tickles me a little.

Stratoblogster: Uh, I guess... But you've made a big impact on music. Do you wanna say anything about that?

Johnson: Well, back in those times a man in my situation who wanted to be his own boss and make a living as a musician, had to be real creative, and that's an understatement! I traveled around a lot and heard different musicians. I also heard some classics from time to time on radios and Victrola's. We held on to anything we heard like it was a piece of beef-- we didn't have no iPod pacifiers to suck on all night and day in some MTV Crib. I had to watch my back and keep movin' and being entertaining enough to survive and eat. The alternatives weren't pretty, but some of the women were, so I just kept singin'. I was good because I had to be good, and the music made good things possible. You just had to know when to move on. One day I got careless. That's all it took.

Stratoblogster: Any advise for today's musicians?

Johnson: Yeah, don't go sellin' your soul! Y'all got fine gear, DVD's, teachers, that Youtube, Myspace, jam tracks... Man, if you can't figure out how to make good music nowadays, you better hang it up Jack! If you're that lame, the devil ain't gonna want your sorry ass down there anyway! Besides, with all that outsourcing goin' on today, you could be standin' on hold at the crossroads for quite a spell before somebody might show up who don't even know nothin', and then be tellin' you some kinda stuff you already know. At least back in the day, you got results from down below. Ain't like that no more, everybody too busy makin' reality TV shows, 24 hour cable news and Viagra commercials. Customer support from Hell just don't exist no more.

Stratoblogster: It seems like you must be familiar with how music has evolved in the decades since you passed on in 1935. Anybody stand out?

Johnson: You might find it hard to believe, but I haven't focused on the music of this world for awhile. There are other levels of things that would take too long to explain. Although, I wished I'd had me an electrified guitar like Hendrix and got to make one of them plaster casts-- you know what I'm talkin' bout. Would have been nice to leave somethin else behind-- you seen my fingers in them pictures... There was only them two photographs of me, and it was tough enough just keepin' guitar strings. I do miss the women though. That Hendrix, he had himself a pretty good time alright-- and they was all fightin' over his ass, still are. Truth is, he was only sent to earth on a quick recon mission to retrieve Leo before things got too crazy.

Stratoblogster: Leo? Who's that?

Johnson: Leo! You know, that old white cat in California who was makin' them electrified solid body guitars. What Leo did you THINK I was talkin' about? Anyways, Leo wasn't supposed to be doing that. He was assigned to another sector, but got to the earth somehow by mistake. Jimi was supposed to escort Leo out and on to the right place, but Jimi, he got himself sidetracked with them Stratocasters and women, and caught up in all that devilment. They never did get Leo out of there. At some point it was too late anyways. Now, I have to check in on Clapton and Gibbons from time to time. Eric Johnson has the Bodhi-Safa, so I steer clear. My boss's son is the real pain, I still need plenty liquored-up before checkin' on Yngwie. Satch & Vai are just like a coupla kids buildin' their lego cities together year after year. Holdsworth alway tells my boss to go piss off. I didn't say that, but it's still kinda funny.

Stratoblogster: So, why did you call me, of all people? I mean, you could have called some serious music writers and journalists.

Johnson: Them people don't have time, and they'd think I was spam callin' anyhow. Nobody reads or believes you, so I get to vent and you get to feel important. You thought you knew all about Stratocaster culture. But before you go gettin' a swelled head, just know you ain't in my top 5 speed dial.

Stratoblogster: But, you're ok if I transcribe this and publish it online?

Johnson: Yeah, it don't matter, because you're not credible anyway and this don't change nothin.

Stratoblogster: Like I said, it's been a real honor to speak with you! Any final thoughts before we end off?

Johnson: Yeah, you blog too much about John Mayer. He doesn't know you and it's startin' to get tired. It does you no good to kiss his candy ass. You're not gonna get any of his women either. You should pay more attention to your wife. Tell Cary at EGR to quit suckin' up to Gibson because Henry J. ain't sendin' a free goldtop his way in a long sight.

If they don't lock you away, I might call again sometime. I'm off to Summer NAMM to look in on our Schecter booth-- gotta keep the ho's in line. Hot tamales and they're red hot, yes she got 'em for sale! You know what I mean! Now I got me a train to catch!

Stratoblogster: Bye... Bob!

(Well, there ya have it folks. Robert Johnson from the afterlife somewhere near Newark over the AT&T network, on a train bound for NAMM. You got it here first!)

If you didn’t read this at Guitar Blog, it’s been bootlegged! ©2006 - 2013 JP Holesworth. All rights reserved. This article may not be reprinted, distributed or duplicated without author’s written permission.
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Remember Tony Joe White? Swamp Music Lives!

Waaay back in 1969, while Neil Armstrong was taking one small step for grammar, everyone was listening to "Polk Salad Annie", a pop radio hit those days by Tony Joe White. In 1970, he hit again with "Rainy Night in Georgia". After that, he fell off the mainstream radar. But he never quit writing, touring and performing his own brand of Swamp Music with his '65 Strat.

It could be said that White is more laid back than JJ Cale, more bayou than John Fogerty and nearly as scary as RL Burnside or John Lee Hooker. If you're lookin' for roots music, look no further. He's even from Louisiana-- singin' about gators, swamps, crawdads, dangerous woman and the like-- all the important ingredients, if you also happen to be a Food Network fan.

Check out the tune "Keep Going" on his Myspace. This is the real deal.

I was just re-introduced to TJW from this ARTICLE at the Nashville Scene website. And of course, the man has a Myspace page loaded with groovin' tunes unaffected by the decades, the trends and the business. This guy knows exactly who he is. There's really no other way to describe him. Like Cale, TJW 's tunes have been covered by major artists including Elvis, and he has toured with Clapton, Joe Cocker, Fogerty and many others.

The tunes, the voice and the grooves are timeless. In a world of so much change, it's very cool to crack a cold one and kick it with Tony Joe White, who I'm honored to add as a Strat-o-Brother.
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Jimmy Page EDS-1275 Fundraiser Guitar for MusiCares

Not a Strat, but check the following item sent to me by Kompolt Online Auction Agency:

"Own the guitar that made “Stairway to Heaven” a hit.

A rare “aged” reproduction of Jimmy Page’s s signature EDS-1275 Double Neck Guitar is being sold for charity on eBay

Kompolt Online Auction Agency wants to give all Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin fans the opportunity to bid on this unique guitar and support the MusiCares Foundation.

Are you ready to own a Gibson EDS-1275? Take the chance and bid on #11 of the just twenty-six Limited Edition Gibson guitars replicated after the one Page played during the 1971 Led Zeppelin IV tour! Jimmy personally played and then signed each of the twenty-six, keeping #1 for himself. This particular replica—identical to the original inside and out—has been carefully stored ever since; the only fingerprints currently on the guitar are Jimmy’s!

The Jimmy Page Guitar Charity Auction runs July 23 to August 2, 2007 with 10% of the winning proceeds benefiting the MusiCares Foundation. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: Visit for more information or to place a bid.

Please feel free to spread the word by posting this information and link on your website. If you have any questions, please contact Jade Catalano at Thank you from Kompolt Online Auction Agency.

Ever onward!

About Kompolt
The original online auction agency, Kompolt ( is a marketing agency
that concentrates on promoting brands and building brand trust through high-profile,
high-value charity auctions through the eBay Giving Works program, powered by MissionFish. Non-profits, agencies, and top brands turn to Kompolt to design, create and manage the eCommerce segments of their Cause Marketing and other promotional campaigns."

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Get Your Fusion Fix From These Fine Sites!

"Hey kids! Do ya like the Fusion music? Cause if you're into the Fusion, boy, have we got a real treat in store for ya here! Isn't that right Paul?"

"That's right Dave."

The Guitar Channel features the all the latest juice on our favorite progressive & fusion guitar players. Thanks to Rich over there for posting the hot Scott Henderson video, we've also posted below from a 7/20/07 Blues fest in Italy.

JazzFusion.TV has is a super organized compilation of classic fusion videos from Youtube. He found 'em and rounded 'em up so that we don't have to. Miles-Bitches Brew, Mahavishnu, Weather Report, Jaco, Return to Forever, Billy Cobham, Tony Williams, etc. I was just over there watching The Dual Between the Jester and the Tyrant, from RTF's Romantic Warrior! Yeah, serious!!

The Online-Discussion Network is David Henderson's Kirk95 guitar blog and forums site. Great, well moderated and intelligent discussion groups are featured. Forums include: Scott Henderson, Michael Landau, Jimmy Herring, Guthrie Govan, Jeff Beck, SRV, Jimi Hendrix, etc.
Lots of gear talk and clinic stuff here. The artists themselves occasionally show up to clarify items and answer questions.

Scott Henderson- Atri Blues Festival, Abruzzo Italy, 7/21/07

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My BB King Experience

*July 10, 2007
For nearly all of us, BB King has always been there. He's *81 now, and still touring.

I've only seen him live once, and I'm sure glad I did. Assuming there was an opening act, I got to the show about 20 minutes into it, only to discover the King himself already onstage. Turns out there was no opener. As I gazed straight up the center aisle of the packed house, BB was seated at center stage performing under a bright spotlight. It was a long walk up the aisle to the 6th row, where our assigned seats were. It felt like BB might stop playing and ask me why I was late.

He was so real up there as I walked closer and closer to the front. It was like an audience with God, or a peek inside the Pulp Fiction briefcase. "Vincent, are we happy?-- Vincent!! Are we happy?!-- Yeah, we're happy!"

Anyone who's attended a BB King show, knows that BB plays the entire room. BB could also stand for "Big Beingness", as he effortlessly directs his big band to speed up, slow down, play loud, play soft, etc. All the while he's communicating with the audience. He talks between singing and sings between talking, with his signature guitar riffs interspersed throughout the entire "dialogue". Basically, he's addressing the crowd like a few close friends, with the orchestra as his instrument.

At this gig, there was only one white musician in his band-- the bass player. I remember thinking, that guy must be one monster of a bass player to get this gig. He was. Everyone on stage wore a black tux.

The show was at a casino in a big room normally used for Keno, a game similar to Bingo. Because of this, federal regulations prohibited minors from entering the space, even though Keno operations were obviously suspended for the concert. This was explained to BB after he paused, scanned the crowd and asked, "Where are all the children tonight?"

BB turned to everyone with the following response: "The next time I'm in this area, if you're allowed to bring your children to the show, please bring them because I love children... And I promise that I will never say or do anything onstage that would embarrass you in front of your children!"

At that point, everyone was on their feet just going nuts! Some people were crying. It was powerful! The King owned the room through admiration and humility, and had admiration returned to him many many times over. That is how you get to play guitar 200+ nights a year, all over the world when you're into your 80's. People may poke fun at The Stones for being old, but everybody loves BB.

BB was standing in front of the stage wearing a cap and overcoat, still signing autographs for about 3o remaining fans when we finally exited to the parking lot.

If you didn’t read this at Guitar Blog, it’s been bootlegged! ©2006 - 2013 JP Holesworth. All rights reserved. This article may not be reprinted, distributed or duplicated without author’s written permission.
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John Mayer: Pop or Blues? Yes.

Is that a Blues face or what?
We seem to forget that "Pop" stands for popular. This is because Pop has come to represent some sort of artificially additive infused music industrial junk food product.

If John Mayer had begun his career as a blues-roots guitar slinger/vocalist, he'd probably still be stuck in some local bar scene like the hundreds of hotshot SRV influenced white, 20 & 30 somethings out there today. Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, etc., are full of these guys. Your town probably has a couple.

Instead, Mayer wrote and performed material which I like to call "Dave Matthews through a smoothie maker music". Whether you like that stuff or not, ya gotta at the very least give him credit for writing it himself. Pop-wise, we should never compare Mayer with the Mouseketeer roll call, in & out of rehab, sex-yoo-up, bling-it types the music industry spews forth as if it were Dave Matthew's bus parked over the Chicago river.

In fact, John Mayer couldn't have planned things better. He attains a pop status rank, then shifts from smoothies to pulled pork & brisket, and retains pop ranking. As a result, many young pop listeners are introduced to Blues guitar. So, Mayer is essentially the current ambassador of Blues to a demographic which might not otherwise be receptive. And of course, he plays a Strat. Fender's gotta love that!

If you lived in the 70's or earlier, what kind music did you expect to be hearing by the time 2007 rolled around?

I expected to be living in a space station-like environment, wearing a white jumpsuit, listening to clusters of digital tones while eating McWafers. Speaking of food, the most important positioning buzzword in the food industry is "fresh", which doesn't always have to mean "new & different". Today's lettuce is preferred over last week's lettuce, because today's has more life in it. So regardless of the age of a style or genre, the life an artist injects into it keeps it fresh, viable and potentially popular. BB King, Les Paul and Tony Bennett haven't let the age of their genres or their bodies prevent them from thrilling their audiences nightly. High quality and value are maintained by freshness, which comes from those with strong & creative life-force.

Our consumer oriented- geek driven society attempts to create a more linear perception, but believe me, thirty years from now, people will still be wearing jeans and t-shirts, grilling something on the patio and bending guitar strings. Culture doesn't simply roll over for technology or corporate media marketing trends.

The conventional media infrastructure is already looking to Myspace, Youtube and Google for ideas of what the people are really interested in. Our ability to be interactive, create, exchange and upload across the web, instead of simply inflowing whatever info. the media provides, is beginning to re-reveal aspects of our culture that never went away. It's also returning freedom and control to artists, as well as our ability to discover them.

Ideally, "Pop" should represent a cross section of the best and most vibrant of our genres, as opposed to a couple "new" dance beats the music industry has calculated will help sell the most shoes, phones and other lifestyle accessories. Other cultures have maintained traditional forms of expression throughout many generations and kept them fresh.

Considering all of this, John Mayer can be both a Blues musician and a Pop musician, in spite of what media execs dictate. What a remarkable opportunity for everyone to keep makin' those Blues faces!

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Eric Clapton & John Mayer on GMA 7/20/07

For anyone who missed it last Friday on Good Morning America. Very nice! This is how it's done in the real world without a RealStrat Plugin.

Thanks Cary at EGR for the tip!
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Will RealStrat Plugin Replace Wood, Steel & You?

Do ya really think so?

There's some buzz out there on the more techie gear blogs, about MusicLab's newest RealStrat plugin. The links are below, so you can familiarize yourself.

Y'know, we talk a lot about all the elements of the perfect Strat-- the ideal integration of woods, hardware, pickups, pots, nut, strings, shielding, etc. Not to mention, all the tweeking & adjustments... Then there's amp tone, tubes, the right cable and optimizing the signal chain. But even then, we haven't explored the depth of the musician-- their ears, hands, attack, muting, playing dynamics, style, etc., etc., etc.

But of course, the geeks have it all figured out...
Gearwire review
KVR Audio review
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A Strat for Friday #41 - McNaught G-4

David Thomas McNaught Guitars

McNaught Guitars G-4

This one gave me a craving for Jolly Rancher Apple Stix!

David Thomas McNaught builds a full line of custom solid bodies in various popular shapes. His S-type instruments incorporate top end hardware & materials, plus a large variety of interesting fretboard inlay shapes. A very interesting neck joint design offers tons of relief.

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Devil Has Great Deals for Guitarists!


A web surfer from Oslo, Norway recently arrived at my blog by entering the following text at Google:

"Why every guitarist has made a deal with the devil"

Yeah, I'm on page #1 results for that line because of my content in a previous review on the Girl Brand Guitar's- Crossroads model.

As a public service to all our friends in the chilly Scandinavian regions, who probably play guitar to stay warm, here's a link to the whole Robert Johnson thing:

Read "Robert Johnson's Deal With the Devil and the Crossroads Curse".

Stay tuned for a future "How to" article of Do's and Don't's for guitarists considering a deal with the devil. If you're gonna do something like this, proper preparation and planning is essential. Don't just blindly jump into this sort of thing without doing your homework or working with some kind of professional consultant. One tip might be to start an LLC first, or something like that.

I'm also gonna try to get an interview with Robert Johnson in Hell-- assuming that's where he actually is right now. I guess I should check there first. But maybe God pardoned him, since he was such a great music influence. He probably wasn't a Catholic, which means RJ isn't stuck in some "in between" place. Stay tuned... (Interview link)

We welcome all guitarists- who've made good deals with the devil- to comment with any advise or tips!
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Amy Schugar Rocks It Like a New Girl Should

Amy Schugar is no stranger to the West Coast metal guitar scene. She wears the pants in her band, handling both lead guitar and lead vocal duties. Amy also recorded a joint project album with Michael Schenker, called "Under Construction", and toured with MSG a few years ago.

No girlie guitar plinker, Amy epitomizes our Strat-o-Sister's ideal of today's female fretboard fryin' fox! She first met Schenker backstage at an Eric Johnson gig in Phoenix, where Amy was trying out EJ's '57 Strat. Yeah, just hangin' with her pals.

Check out Amy's stuff:
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Eight (8) Random Facts About Stratoblogster

I've been tagged by at least 4 bloggers so far on this one, and have tried to ignore it. Oh well, so here goes.

1) When I was a kid, I had season passes 3 consecutive years at the local swimming pool. I rode my bike there every morning, waited till it opened, and swam all day until it closed. One day per week, when the pool was closed, I used to ride over and check on the pool through the chain link fence.

2) Last Summer I only went swimming once. This Summer, I haven't gone yet.

3) My class in 6th grade got to meet John Wayne in person. He said, "Hiya kids, howwya doin!"-- and it sounded just like you think it would. The weird thing was that most of the guys in The Duke's entourage were taller than him. He still sounded cool though.

4) I used to play air guitar a lot at parties. I was the best. My specialty was Van Halen tunes. I've jumped off of house roofs doing that big chord in "Everybody Wants Some!!" You know the chord. I may require a hip replacement someday-- it only bothers me when I'm sober though.

5) My main guitar actually isn't a Strat-- it's a real '72 Tele Thinline on it's 3rd set of frets. The neck appears to have periodontal disease. This Tele mysteriously maintains human body temperature and makes me give it red meat. I walk a thin line...

6) I live between 4 pinot noir vineyards in Oregon, but still prefer beer. My current fave is "Desolation IPA" by Amnesia Brewing-- based in a corrugated garage in Portland. I'm always forgetting how to get there.

7) When I was about 6 years old I sang Beatles songs to the older neighborhood kids for pennies. That was the same year I saw James Brown on American Bandstand, ran out of the living room
in terror and wouldn't go back until he was gone. I also did that with The Outer Limits and Twilight Zone.

8) The first time I ate Thai food, I left my body. Then I got back in and finished lunch because it was really good. If it hadn't of been so good, no telling where I'd be now.

Alternate/Out-take #8.5) When I worked on fighter jets in the USAF, I used to climb into the cockpits and sneak big hits from the oxygen masks at the "Full Rich" setting. That's the level that keeps pilots from blacking out during high G maneuvers. It made me the smartest person in the world... for a minute at a time. During those minutes, I retained all I could, and as a result, today I'm a successful blogger.

Donn @ Scraplog
Patrick @
Boon @ Record My Mind
Laurie @ Truth in Shredding
Sebastien @ Chronically Sick, But...
Miss Cellania @ Miss Cellania
Rob @ Building the Ergonomic Guitar
D.A.N. @ The Soul of Rock & Roll
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Parkinson's Sufferer Picks up Strat Again!

61 year old Derek Edwards, in the U.K., was struck down with Parkinson's disease a few years ago and forced to retire from his job and almost everything else, including playing guitar.

However, after discovering a natural medication called L-Dopa, derived from an amino acid, Derek has made a spectacular turnaround. So spectacular, in fact, that he's not only able to play guitar again, but he's formed a band, and is playing gigs.

Derek last played in a band in the 60's, and has re-prioritized his life from his Parkinson's experience. He's making the most of things right now and gettin' Jimi with it for as long as he can! No, he's not calling the band "The Parkinson's Experience", it's actually called "Time Again".

I'm adding Derek to our Strat-o-Brothers family because he's an inspiration!

Click here to read the full article.

If you have a friend or loved one affected with this disease, make sure to research the L-Dopa stuff!
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LALA.COM Offers Alternatives for Music Downloading

Looking for an alternative to iTunes?

Be sure to check out

Save money as you share, trade, upload and download! You'll even find stuff iTunes doesn't have. Click the menu links in the LaLa page header to discover how it all works.

Also, for the latest info. about internet radio and stations, be sure to check
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ChordStudio Online Composing Tool Website

Check out

I haven't totally explored it yet, and some stuff is still under construction, but it's pretty interesting.

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A Strat for Friday #40 - Monterey Pop Custom Shop

Hendrix Monterey Stratocaster

Monterey Pop Strat by Pamelina H
Our 40th Friday Strat theme is dedicated to this Summer being the 40th anniversary of the Monterey Pop Festival. Fender Custom Shop built 210 Monterey Pop Strats, and Pamelina H. hand painted every single one of them to approximate a design which Hendrix painted on the Strat he burned at the 1967 performance.

Here's Jimi with the original:

Here's John Mayer playin' one:

Check out Pamelina's work here:

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Dewey Decibel FlipOut is a Crazy Guitar!

The FlipOut guitar series from Dewey Decibel features six models to choose from, plus their BottomOut bass series. "Austin City Cab" is the model name for the pale green unit w/pearl red pickguard-- my personal favorite.

Looking for a whacky stage prop that really plays? I guess somebody had to do this...

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Madalyn's Music Biz Blog - Help for Indies

Madalyn Sklar is a music business consultant, coach and motivator to indie musicians. Her blog is loaded with tips, tools and topics to help musicians with everything from songwriting to marketing. Madalyn offers one on one consulting, regular tele-seminars, ebooks and more. Her blog is very active and filled with other resources she's discovered, i.e. music conferences, useful industry info for indie artists and other website links like ArtistsHouse Music and Singer & Musician Magazine.

A couple items that caught my interest are ebooks on how to market your music on Myspace and create a site there that presents you professionally.

If you have tunes and wanna get out of the garage, Madalyn has the goods on how to do it.

Check out all her sites:
Madalyn's Music Biz Blog
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Girl Brand Guitars Does it Their Way

Tucson guitar builder James Chris Larsen and artist Janet K. Miller are responsible for Girl Brand Guitars, a collaborative effort at creating unique personalities for mostly Tele-style guitars. The guitar pictured is "Crossroads Girl". Click the image for a close up of instructions on how a guitar girl should make a deal with the devil in order to become a great guitar girl.

You absolutely must check out all the guitars at the site and get the flavor of Girl Brand's concept. I think it's another avenue besides the either clean or relic routes. If you're at a crossroads comtemplating a truly conversational guitar, better check this stuff out. They have dealers. Oh yeah, also check out the different pickup selector labels!!

Just a coupla kookie artists down there in Tucson with the peyote & gila monsters... on a mission.

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Bei Bei on the Gu Zheng

Bei Bei plays the Gu Zheng, a Chinese zither. There's a lot goin' on in this video. Think about the evolutions of stringed instruments, various designs and playing approaches. Some of the phrasing we hear from Steve Vai and Eric Johnson comes from this zone. The instrument and this form of music has been around for...? ________ B.C.

Aside from the various aesthetics of the video, check out the pitch and vibrato manipulation done with the left hand. On Bei Bei's myspace, listen to the tune "Corrupted" for a contemporary juxtaposition. Originally from China, Bei Bei currently resides, works and studies in L.A., where she collaborates with musicians of many genres and teaches Gu Zheng technique.

Bei Bei joins the Strat-o-Sisters family along with hip harp gal Deborah Henson-Conant , as both ladies have the "Strattitude" to be here.

Discover more:
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Get Guitar Amp Tubes

Guitar Amp Gear: NOS Vacuum tubes by amperex, telefunken, mullard and more!

Guitar Amp Tubes and Parts
(tube photo:wikipedia)
New tubes, NOS tubes, matched sets, pre-amp tubes, rectifier tubes, power amp tubes, tube sockets, anything and everything valve related, plus-- a wide selection of amplifier parts and components, can be found at bottom:

FREE Amp/Tube schematics:
Dr. Tube
Schematic Heaven
The Blue Guitar
Duncan's Amp Pages (amp builders discussion forum)
The Fender Amp Field Guide (at Support (amp schematics pdf directory)

TUBE EDUCATION - Common tube applications for guitarists explained:

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Preamp Tubes by Dave Hunter (PG Article)
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Output Tubes by Dave Hunter (PG Article)

TIPS FOR BUYING NOS/New Old Stock Tubes: 

If buying on eBay, always check the seller's feedback score, ratings and history.

Real NOS tubes haven't been in service. Look for listings with clear, close photos-- or request pics from the seller.

Tubes should have no worn lettering, bent pins, clamp marks on the bases and spots or discolorations on/in the glass. These are all signs of usage and wear. Seller should be willing to accept returns, unless understood up front the tubes are "as is". But don't buy tubes as is, ok. Qualify the seller's track record and don't be afraid to ask questions and request pics.

A good set of NOS tubes is well worth your effort and care!

Tube Meister ask Bob's EZ Shop Do it Yourself Vacuum Tube Replacement Sets & Accessories, Analog/Digital Audio Systems, Over 13,000 Customers Worldwide - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

GTFBS-Good-Tubes-For-Better-Sounds - We've provided quality tubes and vintage electronics by RCA, GE, Tung-Sol, Sylvania and other manufacturers to eBay clients worldwide since 2001.

PartsPipe - "Buy SWITCHES and ELECTRONIC ACCESSORIES items from PARTSPIPE eBay Store. We also sell Push Button Switches, AMPLIFIER ACCESSORIES PARTS items on eBay."

Vacuum Tube Supply - "Vacuum Tube/Valve sales for antique radio, audio and ham use. Regular vacuum tube specials for Collins, Drake, Swan, Hammarlund, National, Hallicrafters, Heathkit, McIntosh, Scott, Fisher and Marantz."

Vintage Amp and Radio Tubes - Looks like these folks service the Hammond B crowd. All vintage NOS tubes are tested and warrantied by this seller. Serious!

Premium Tube - Lots of classic brands in sets i.e. RCA, GE, Mullard, Dumont, Amperex, Telefunken, Phillips, etc...

Even more good top rated tube suppliers below! Take your time to shop & compare before overpaying anywhere for your tubes


CJs Tube Collection


SRS Webstore

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eBay Current listings for NOS/Vintage by tube type:

12AX7 (pre-amp)




DIY/BYO Pedals & Amp Mods Directory of Resources and Suppliers

Guitar Mods, Ideas, Links & Supplier Resources

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A Strat for Friday #39 - Ralph & Sandy's Custom Shop

I stumbled upon Ralph and Sandy's Custom Shop on eBay, and though that's a pretty laid back name, Ralph and Sandy have a large gallery of beautiful work and an even larger stack of satisfied customer comments.

Our featured instrument reminds me of root beer.

They specialize in vintage restorations, custom work and hi-end select new guitars. Yes, they relic too, but seem to recognize that some people still appreciate clean flawlessly finished guitars.
I don't have any specs on our featured photo model. It's just one of the many pics displayed.
Tele's represent the majority, but you'll see plenty of Stratoliciousness too!

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Inside Musicast's Steve Lukather Podcast Interview

Another very cool podcast site is Inside Musicast, featuring excellent interviews with musicians and producer types, in your choice of 3 listening and download options. Many of the musicians currently featured are established session artists and musician's musicians with valuable insights to share. Interviews are conducted by two hosts, Rick Such and Eddy Cabello, who keep things lively and interesting.

Oh yeah, the photo is guitar monster Steve Lukather, who gives a cool interview and brings everyone up to speed on his many projects. I first saw Luke in '79 at a huge 3 day festival in L.A., when Van Halen was the king of the universe. Even though Toto was on the smooth rock side, Steve Lukather's big solo spot was a major hi-lite of the event. Yes, he bad! Some 28 years later, he's still melting fret wire with the best of em'!

Luke Interview
Inside Musicast Archives

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Strat-o-Sister Desiree Bassett's GP Interview

(image by Susan Dziedzic)
Guitar Player magazine's July '07 issue features an interview with our very own Desiree Bassett. If you have the issue, it's on page 37. If you don't subcribe and missed the newstand issues, CLICK HERE for the interview at the GP site.

GP Interview excerpt:

"....How many of your leads are planned, and how many are improvised?

'... I always want to learn new scales and chords, and how they can flow like colors. I like to sound like something old and interesting, and something new at the same time'..."

Previous post on Desiree.
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Connor- Seattle's ' Wild Thing' Guitar Kid

Seattle Guitar Teacher Rob Hampton's Handbook for guitar teachers

This one is just as much about Seattle guitar teacher Rob Hampton, as it is about young Connor Wartelle here. Connor is an example of Rob's approach to teaching guitar. Definitely a wild thing at the onset of his lessons with Hampton, Connor is focusing better and better on channeling it through that mighty mini Strat of his. Click the above interview link for some cool insights from a great teacher.

Kudos to Rob for a job well done, and to Connor's parents for hearing the music before the guitar appeared!

"... But I wanna know fo sho!!!"

Check out Rob Hampton's teaching manual

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Mike Farris- Salvation in Lights is the Real Deal!


Mike Farris is one of those singers like Jonny Lang, who you can't believe is white when you finally see him. If not for Sirius #18 The Spectrum, I wouldn't already know about Mike, whose new release "Salvation in Lights" includes the soul ripping tune "Can't No Grave Hold My Body Down".

I'm hooked on this tune right now. Dunno exactly who does the guitar work, but the main guitar groove line runs thru a beautiful Univibe/Leslie effect. This stuff is timeless. Right now, you can hear the tune at Mike's myspace. Also check the BIO link below for Mike's REAL story. It's so real, it hits you in gut, but perhaps not as hard as Mike's singing!

From the bio page:
"This isn't a story about a worship band, or about a youth pastor who happens to write songs. It's a story about a guy working out his salvation with a guitar..."
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Summer NAMM 2007 in Austin- Makes Sense!

(Stevie Ray Vaughan print by: Debra Hurd)

7/27 NOTE:
Click over to Electric Guitar Review for Summer NAMM updates!!

Even though I'm in the Pacific Northwest and won't be able to attend Summer NAMM '07, it still makes perfect sense for this show to be in Austin, Texas. The self proclaimed "Live Music Capital of the World" is also supposed to have the most guitar players per capita in the US. The number of Austin Myspace band/guitarist sites probably confirms this claim. And believe me, there is no end to them!

July 27-29, at the Austin Convention Center-- yes, the same place Austin City Limits is taped. The strains of SRV still resonate within the architecture, and stratoliciousness oozes throughout Austin's smokin' music scene.

I wonder if anyone's ever made a mesquite Strat body... Before you say it's too small, CLICK HERE.

Go to Austin, if it's possible!

Portland, Oregon is not likely to ever see a NAMM show, but at least the Trail Blazers got Greg Oden!
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Strat Tuning, Tone & Trem Tips from Julien Kasper


Strat-o-Brother Julien Kasper provides some great tech tips for Strat owners, at his website.

Keeping Stratocasters in Tune addresses how stringing methods affect tuning and tone, and managing trem balance issues.

Click on the photo to discover more about Julien, and also check the video there.

Also See:

Galeazzo Frudua Shows Strat Trem Set-up

Strat Trem Set-up by Carl Verheyen

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