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Strat-o-Sister & Bass Player Girl- Valerie Lee

Welcome our FIRST bass player chick to the Strat-o-Sister family. Valerie Lee is not only an inspiration for guitar and bass playin' girls. She also plays a significant role in history by being a member of ClipBandits -- the world's first internet synch band, created on Youtube. Discover how 4 people from totally different places utilized the internet video medium to form, compose and perform virtually together.

Anyone can do this, but evidently, ClipBandits are recognized as the first one.

The video above is just one of several of Valerie's own vids. Similar to Lori Linstruth, Valerie features some cool lessons material video online.

Geddy will NEVER look this good! I don't care how much Molsen Ale my Canadian friends consume.

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