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A Strat for Friday #36 - Stevenson S-Classic


Stevenson Guitars in Quebec builds some sweet Strat & Tele type guitars.

Pictured is a Stevenson S-Classic burst with a one piece swamp ash body, Sperzel locking tuners, Gotoh bridge and Stevenson's own pickups. Stevenson takes custom orders and offers various neck shapes and body woods including basswood (besides swamp ash and alder).

The headstock shape is within the realm of reason, and still plenty different enough to be safe. The lower bout-horn has a sharp *"Florentine" look, and the jack is in the side. Refreshingly enough, Stevenson hasn't (yet) jumped on the relic train.

Stevenson also has a new model called the CD Classic. At this time, the specs haven't been published, but click on the link and check out the photo. The finish is a thin blonde (nitro?) similar to Fender's Eric Johnson blonde- translucent enough to see some of the grain- only a little more coral in hue. Me likey!

*Traditionally with acoustic instruments, a cutaway that comes to a sharp point is called a Florentine, as opposed to a rounded style which is called a Venetian cutaway. In other words, consider an ES-335 Venetian and an SG as Florentine.
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