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Step-Max Tremolo Stabilizes Your Strat!

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The new StepMax System is a direct replacement for your Strat trem, requiring no additional routing, holes or modifications to your guitar.

I just got a link to this, but it's been favorably reviewed by GP's Art Thompson.

The Step-Max implements some kind of cam design which in conjunction with the stock trem springs addresses many age-old trem/pitch issues particularly associated with full floating systems. Drones are supposed to stay in pitch during string bends and the guitar's tone isn't altered, according to review. Other features include a wider floating range and ease of string changes, although it's not technically considered a "floating" system (still allows for upward pitch shifts). The product is USA made, with high quality materials, including Graph Tech saddles, and includes a 3 year warranty. Graph Tech lists Step-Max on their builders page.

The manufacturer sells direct, but welcomes dealer inquiries.

So, check out the GP review, study all the the links and demo clips at www.stepmaxtrem.com, and contact them HERE with all your trem-geek questions.

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