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Vintage Style Tweed Amps-- Valvetrain Has 'em!

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Valvetrain Tortured Tweed Guitar Amps
Valvetrain's "Tortured Tweed" finishes have launched guitar amps into the relic fray. Pictured is a "new" Valvetrain model (left) next to an original 1950's Fender Champ. Valvetrain hand builds classic style amp models with high quality components, using point to point wiring. CLICK HERE for their better than average sound clips.

Tortured Tweed is available in three levels of torture, similar to the Nash Guitars Timewarp Series relic guitar line (a coincidence per my research).

"Bedroom Beauty"
"Run Hard and Hung Up to Dry"
"Bar Room Brawl"

Valvetrain also offers well over a dozen colorful and interesting tolex finishes, as well as a variety of beautiful dovetailed natural wood cabinet finishes, i.e. Cherry, Black Walnut & Mahogany.


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