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Operation Happy Note- Music Gear for the Troops!

When Hendrix was in the military, it's easy to assume the guitar was his most valuable possession. Whatever story you choose to believe regarding Jimi's army experience, I think we can all agree that he served the cause for freedom better with a Stratocaster than a rifle-- and music wouldn't be the same if Hendrix had ended up in Viet Nam, especially as a casualty.

During a time when most antiwar anthems targeted young enlisted personnel along side the politics and leaders of the time, Hendrix songs like, Machine Gun and Izabella stood apart and expressed the plight of a soldier away from home and in danger.

Enter Vietnam vet and rural Minnesota music dealer Steve Baker, who along with his wife Barb have created Operation Happy Note, a volunteer effort thus far responsible for sending hundreds of musical instruments to troops in Iraq. It all started when Steve sent a guitar to his stepson stationed over there, then the son's friend requested one. Things just took off from that point.

Currently, the list of requests from troops is growing, and the Bakers' need help supporting their message to love-- so don't you run away.

It's long been said that "music is the gift that keeps on giving". In the case of Operation Happy Note, I believe that no truer words can be spoken. Regardless of your politics, let's help keep the soldiers sane. Many of them aren't even old enough to vote. If you blog, talk about this!

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