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N.O.S. Gear Marketing- It's About STYLE !

N.O.S. traditionally stands for New Old Stock, and is used to describe unused-unsold items that have sat on the shelf for a long time.

Tubes are a good example of a typical N.O.S. item, within the context of guitar-amp gear parts. This definition also applies to other similarly described items in other industries. It's a standard term.

Ok, so N.O.S. also stands for Nitrous Oxide System; a high performance add-on for engines.

Fine. I can keep the above two definitions separate. No problem.

Until now...

It looks like Fender has added a new twist to the vintage, reissue, relic party with - drum roll please- NEW OLD STYLE !!! That's right folks!

Throughout a recent series of research surfing encounters, from which I thought my head might explode (run for the duck tape!), I came across the following note at :

"Note: N.O.S. (NOS) stands for "New Old-Style". This means the guitar has been recently built using the latest guitar luthier equipment and techniques, but the guitar is designed and styled after a historic model and year. Some NOS guitars are even worn as if they have been around through years of light use. NOS guitars are built by the custom shop crew and represent the highest quality instruments produced by a given manufacturer."

The above text is included on each page for Fender Master Built instruments at the Banana's website.

Guitar Center also features a Fender Blues Junior NOS model. This "NOS" model is only found on the GC website, and no where else, including Fender's site, and is a new amp with Groove tubes.

I also saw an eBay listing the other day for a "'64 Stratocaster Relic RI NOS", which just about sent me into a Lewis Black raving meltdown.

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