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Maria Aurigema- Buffalo's Blues Babe!

Welcome Maria Aurigema to our ever growing Strat-o-Sister community!

Buffalo NY is earning a reputation for little Italian gals who will whack you silly with their big guitar riffs. Ani DiFranco, Nori Bucci and Maria Aurigema each possess the hot wing scorching "man chops" guitar approach that makes you wanna start comparing Buffalo with Austin.

Maybe I'm the first to make such a comparison, but both towns have vigorous local music scenes, spicy food and spicy guitar playin' women. Maria Aurigema- whose last name means "golden gem" in Italian- represents Buffalo's Blues family the way Tracy Conover does down in Austin. A visit to www.mariaaurigema.com has your computer screen raining red Strats and your ears ringing with ice cold Albert Collins tones-- colder than the Labatt's Blue they drink up there! Maria's intro web page just might be my favorite site-o-the-month. Yes, it's raining Strats!

Maria's current youtube clips don't do her justice. But stay on the lookout for more.

Also check out her CD "Take Me", possibly short for: "Take me seriously or get whacked with this Strat! Now forget about it!"
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