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John Mayer on Jay Leno- Certified Bluesman

I happened to catch John Mayer performing "Vultures" on The Tonight Show last night and was glad I did! CLICK HERE to see the video at NBC website. We've all known that he's a Berklee alum who can write pop tunes. And we're also aware that Mayer has an ear for getting good Strat tones.

But he just keeps getting better.

Anyone who still wants to pigeonhole John Mayer into the SRV slot, probably belongs over in the corner with their tinkertoys and Mickey Wayne Shepherd Club ears.

JM really has the Albert King bends, and plays with amazing economy. Every lick counts and fits the context. And though he may have been inspired by SRV like many others, Mayer demonstrates an understanding of Blues guitar influences that precede the likes of Clapton, Hendrix and Bloomfield. Click the video link above!!

Right now, John Mayer is responsible for delivering the most Stratformation to the mainstream pop market, probably followed by Los Lonely Boy- Henry Garza. This is significant, because he's neither a shredder or a Blues fest fixture. The Pop genre is a junction of Hip-hop, R&B, pretty boys, over singing rehab gals, Emo, Punk and movie soundtrack divas. Anyone who can successfully bring a contemporary form of Albert King and T-Bone Walker to the Pop table in 2007 and get people to take a bite, is important.

Last weekend I jammed with some high schoolers who were playing really groovy and bluesy stuff. I was scratching my head as to why they were playing this way, and as it turns out, the 17 year old guitar player is a huge Mayer fan. Still in diapers when SRV died. And that's why John Mayer is important.

Why isn't Jonny Lang enjoying the same level of success? Good question...

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