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Scott Henderson's Lesson on Using Fifths

The above Scott Henderson video lesson provides a means of getting out of the box and back in with some added sophistication. I know he makes it look easy-- that's his job. Just start thinking with this drill and let it assimilate into your playing. Don't force it, just think with the melodic aspects for awhile.

As a bonus, check out this Michael Brecker video from 1987, featuring Mike Stern on guitar. Stern's solo starts at 2:28. Here's a guy burning it up in '87 with NO fretboard tapping, NO whammy bar, NO baroque scales/modes, NO sweep techniques and probably NO MSG, transfats or cereal fillers either... Just a vintage Telecaster with a hint of chorus-delay for lubrication. Fundamentally, Stern works from the standard pentatonic riffage zone, and steps in and out at will into more adventurous- though not too Holdsworthian- realms.

In other words, there's still some oxygen and soil particles where Stern's going.

THEN, as an additional bonus, the late great sax genius Michael Brecker follow's with an *EWI solo, demonstrating a non-guitarist grasp of guitar runs, perhaps rivaled only by keyboardist Jan Hammer.

Is there any better way to ventilate your skull on a Monday? Perhaps not. So check out all these video links and kick your week in the ass folks! Crank 'em up on your work pc and piss off your boss!! Just say Stratoblogster made you do it.

*EWI - Electronic Wind Instrument is a MIDI synth interface for reed instrument players.

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