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Get Prewired Strat Guitar Pickguard

Loaded scratch plate

loaded strat pickguard guitar scratchplate
A pre-wired pickguard swap-out is another way to upgrade the look and sound of your Strat.

Metal Shop Music stocks hi-end guitar parts as well as guitars and amps. They specialize in providing a large variety of loaded - prewired Fender factory and Custom Shop Strat pickguards, as well as a variety of Lindy Fralin configs!

Pickup configurations typically include- Lace Sensor Holy Grail 54's, Texas Specials, TBX, Duncan 59's, Tex Mex, Lace Sensor Hot Gold SSS, Samarium Cobalt, etc.

Metal Shop Music is a high customer rated eBay Store. Check the reviews link at the bottom of their home page.

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The STRATosphere - Stocking Eric Johnson loaded pickguards

Tricked Out Guitar - Get configs with Tonestyler tone controls

Pickguards only (unloaded):

Dazbootman Pickguards

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