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FRETNET.COM - The Ultimate Guitarist's Broadcast!

Steve Passiouras in Melbourne, Australia hosts a very cool weekly radio program for everything guitar. Steve is just crazy about guitar and promoting guitar music. The program features interviews, profiles and music of the worlds finest guitar players. Click the links at bottom for more details!

Steve's description of the show:

"...Fret Net features mostly instrumental music from guitarists of all genres, from Robert Johnson to Yngwie Malmsteen, Tommy Bolin to Brett Garsed, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Slava Grigoryan, Bumblefoot, Shawn Lane, Jimi Hendrix and all of your favourites.

Are you a guitarist? Want your music played on Fret Net? Send CDs to:

Fret Net
P.O. Box 343
VIC 3031

The show is broadcast from PBS 106.7 FM Melborne and over the internet (for now...), plus-- past shows are available from the playlist link below. By the way, this PBS stands for Progressive Broadcasting Service. I like it!!!

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