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Divided by Thirteen - An Equation for Tone?

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Lately I've been running into some buzz about a line of amps called "Divided by 13". Last week during a phone conversation with a longtime Seattle guitar dealer (in the process of researching something else), the guy starts raving about Divided by 13 amplifiers.

This dealer prefaced with how much he hates "boutique" amps, and proceded to whip off a big list of gourmet amp names he can't stand.

What it boiled down to with Divided by 13, is their touch dynamic sensitivity characteristics, which he compares to the late Ken Fisher's legendary Trainwreck line. A pretty bold comparison, I know, but like Fischer, 13 founder Fred Taccone's "client list" includes Billy Gibbons among a huge who's who of the industry. And also like Ken Fischer, Taccone hand builds each of his eleven models himself, by hand. He makes some interesting effects units as well, so I'm thinkin' this guy must be one of those Tesla types. You'll have to read his BIO to discover his mentors and more details.

Clue: Taccone grew up in Fullerton, CA.

Now obviously, we won't be seeing a display pyramid of these babies down at the local Guitar Center anytime within the next century, but some high end dealers will have product you can check out. And check 'em out, you should!

Meanwhile, keep your eyes and ears peeled for Divided by 13!

Divide by 13 Demo Video


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