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Be a Relic Guitar Player!

You're actually looking at the hands of a 24 year old! The folks at Toxema, makers of FRAG- Free Radical Acceleration Gel, believe that at twenty four, there's so much more, so why not show it now!

Owning a relic guitar and relic gear is only half of the equation. You also need to look the part!! That's why you need FRAG.

FRAG's proprietary SDF-50 rated formula (SDF= Skin Destruction Factor) immediately goes to work wherever applied liberally, giving YOU that relic look within weeks! Experience a dramatic change normally requiring decades of living, aging and everything life throws at you, in as little as 6 weeks!

Seem too good to be true? Read what Kevin, a twenty year old college junior, has to say:

"I starting FRAGGING in March, and finally people are beginning to take me, my songwriting and my guitar playing seriously. I'll even be needing a cane soon. All the hottest babes trust me like I'm their grampy. This stuff really works!!" Thanks! Kevin S.- Orlando, FL

"After 2 months of regular use, I was mistaken three times for Charlie Musselwhite while attending a local blues fest. FRAG is a miracle product!" Scott J. (age 27) Champaign, IL

"My goal is to look like Keef Richards by October! My family has some issues, but this is my life. Thanks FRAG for helping me be my own man! Mark O. -Sacramento, CA (age 22)

So what are you waiting for? FRAG has been proven much safer than Relic-core and even safer than meth! Don't waste an entire lifetime waiting around to match your favorite relic gear. Start puttin' your age on and lookin' legendary right away, with FRAG!!!

Available soon in a foaming mist gel ! Watch for new FRAFMG!

Important: FRAG is not for everyone. Children and pregnant or nursing mothers should not come into contact with FRAG. People over 40 who use FRAG run the risk of BJAS- Beef Jerky Appearance Syndrome. People with tattoo's should only use FRAG under careful supervision. FRAG is not for internal use. In some cases, FRAG has been attributed to loss of genitalia in male case test subjects. FRAG is not the same product as Relic-Core or VIAGRIT.
__________From the TOXEMA company of fine products for you and your family. A division of Eligh Willy.

But seriously folks -- visit our Relic Resource Directory

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