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Analog Man Beano Boost Effect

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AnalogMan is one of the top analog guitar effects suppliers these days. Analog Mike is recognized as the leading expert on modding Ibanez Tube Screamers, Maxon SD-9's, and the history of those effects. His mods and Analog Man products are used by Scott Henderson, Michael Landau, Steve Kimmock and many others.

The Beano Boost pushes your tube amp, accentuating its natural gain and tone characteristics without discoloring them.

The biggest difference between these effects and big name brand products is the careful selection, testing and matching of components. Germanium transistors, for example, can be finicky when it comes to guitar - amp tone. Large companies purchase huge amounts of components and utilize automated assembly methods.

Stock Tube Screamers are like stock Strats, in that some sound great while many may not. Small effects builders like Analog Man, ZVEX, ProSound, Carl Martin, Radial, T.C. Electronics, Fulltone and others are like custom guitar shop builders in the sense that they can ensure only the best ingredients make it into the recipe.

Visit Analog Man , see their full line of products and services and discover more about what goes into producing quality effects products.

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