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Young Guitar Wonder- ALEX RAZ

Nine year old Alex Raz is making sure that the old "Cleveland Rocks!!" expression never goes away. Clevelandites, and future Rock 'n Roll Hall of Famers, Alex and 7 year old singer Vince Fonsdale mean business with this performance of Journey's Don't Stop Believing. The drummer must've had too many Skittles, but he gets it back under control.

One youtube commentor critic idiot was ranting about the drummer needing a "metrodome".

Here's my sci-fi theme idea. Neal Schon and Steve Perry become irradiated by an over-modded Tube Screamer causing them to gradually become younger and younger. Not wanting to waste any time, they furiously set forth touring as much as possible until they become too small to remain upright any longer. Oh yeah, drummer Steve Smith tries to O.D. on Lucky Charms and Capri Suns before shows. Their final show is held in a magnificent venue called The METRODOME!!!

Both Alex & Vince are currently semi-finalists for next Fall's reality TV series "Finding Julian's Band" from the new Harmonie Network. Julian Pavone, known as the world's youngest drummer, turns 3 on May 14, 2007.
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