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Strat-o-Sister Becky Barksdale- 'Handle With Care'

No surprise, Becky Barksdale is a Texas musician; born and raised in Port Arthur, a town that hasn't been the same since Janis Joplin re-wrote the rules for their daughters to come.

I actually own the 1996 House of Blues- Hot Biscuits sampler CD, featuring Becky Barksdale's hair raising vocal on a tune called Satisfy Me. Here over ten years later, I run into Becky online and discover one kick-ass Strat-o-Sister!! I must have missed that she also played guitar, because that vocal was so hot.

This live performance of Handle With Care, reportedly from the Easy Riders Motorcycle Rally in Chillicothe, OH., doesn't quite display all Becky's vocal power like Satisfy Me, but she sure wails on that white Strat! Check out the double stop bends ala Albert King/SRV!

Becky's tunes, including Satisfy Me, are available at her myspace for download.


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