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A Strat For Friday #33 - 'Cast-o-Caster' Super Lure

Lookin' for a use for that relic job gone bad? Well, look no more!

If you're goin for the bigguns, best be usin' top-o-the-line tackle, folks!

When our friend Smitty, aka Popeye Kahn, was growing up in Cleveland, he heard tales of Lake Erie's Mutant Ninja Walleye. A product of years of industrial waste and pollutants, the legendary walleye was said to be some 15 feet in length with six gills on one side, huge crazed saucer-like eyes and a disposition meaner than three barracudas on meth.

Determined to haul in this notorious toxic menace of the deep, Smitty devised a most fiendish lure that would most certainly attract attention, even in Erie's most murky regions. Behold the "Cast-0-Caster Mega Lure"!! Built on an actual Strat platform, the Cast-o-Caster Mega Lure incorporates all the important sportsman's lure features any pro-angler worth his salt would appreciate. "No Sucka Too Big!" would probably best express a lure such as this.

Unfortunately, as Smitty's music career was demanding more and more time, he was forced to curtail his x-treme angler days and allow Lake Erie's ominous one to forever remain at large. Today the Cast-o-Caster is proudly displayed on the wall at Smitty's Twangri-La estate in Nashville, where he now resides.

In summary, consider these words of wisdom:

"You can give a man a Strat, but if you teach him to fish... he'll ruin the Strat, and end up not catching anything."

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