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Relic Guitars Need Relic Guitar Strings

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Alright, so you have your aged relic guitar and vintage tweed tube gear, but something's still missing... something is wrong.

Those fresh new strings could be the problem.

Shiny, clean new strings can literally cancel out the "character frequencies" from your sound, leaving you all alone with "cracka tone".

But now, thanks to Process Intensive String Set Electrolytic Developer, aka "PISSED", your rig's character frequencies "CF" can be preserved & maintained with each and every string set change.

And, just to show how much I care about your tone, for this time only, I'm offering you the secret of PISSED technology, which can be implemented as a DIY project at little or no expense to you. You'd be crazy not to take advantage and act today. CLICK HERE for "how-to" details.

Need strings to process?

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