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Relic Guitar Resource Directory

Relic Strat Guitar Gear: DIY, aged, distressed stratocaster, vintage, NOS, retro, rustic, closet classic, guitar resources.

How To Relic GuitarGuitar aging "relic-ing" is growing like the micro-brewery phenomenon. The idea and it's processes were probably born in such establishments too.

Actual terms like Relic, Retro,Vintage, NOS, Aged, Distressed, Tinted, Closet Classic, Rustic, etc., are being used to market NEW guitars that look experienced. Some more experienced than others. A similar parallel is seen with denim jeans.

Even though Strat's and Tele's don't seem to be changing, they actually are in the direction of making them appear older, wiser, more experienced, personalized, classic, vintage, valuable, seasoned, used, abused, cooked, marinated, grilled, smoked, baked, roasted, charbroiled, dropped down the stairs, rode hard and put away wet, driven over, left outdoors, trashed, abandoned, condemned, punished, tortured, embattered, disciplined, incarcerated, executed, crucified, embalmed, mummified, exhumed, resurrected, etc., etc., etc. Click here for more "Relic Relief".

"DON’T WIPE THE SWEAT OFF YOUR INSTRUMENT You need that stink on there. Then you have to get that stink onto your music." Captain Beefheart

Here's a listing of relic, guitar aging related sites popping up across the world wide web:

Fender Relic Guitars (Links to top online authorized Fender Relic Dealers)

Tricked Out Guitar (aged hdwr-knobs, jack plates, pickguards, etc)

"Schoolgirl" by artist Keith Garvey
2.5" x 6" clear vinyl static decal
Available at Hot Chick Stickers (directory below)

Vintage Pin-up Decals - Directory for classic waterslide decals, including How-To links for applying decals, graphics and refinishing your guitar.

Killer Guitar Components - Specializing in hi-grade machined brass trem blocks for superior
Strat tone & sustain. Shallow string recessing like the 57's & Eric Johnson Strat blocks. Tell 'em Stratoblogster sent ya!

Guitar Parts And More hardware & guitar kits-- ALLPARTS Dealer.

MJT Aged Guitar Finishes -  Fender Relic-style guitar kits you assemble. Kits include everything but pickups, pots and switch. Top quality wood and hardware. All USA.

FV Custom Guitars - Relic Aging upgrade services by luthier/fine artist Frank Verrilli. Includes tweed amp makeover treatments.

Virtual Vintage Guitars

Revelator Guitar Works

RS Guitarworks

Bravewood Guitars (John Elliot, UK builder)

Jay Munn Custom & Relic Guitars

King Bee Guitars (formerly "ABC Relic..." They're in Texas!)

Cara Hot-Rod Guitars

Crook Custom Guitars

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Nash Guitars (Seattle builder)

AXL Guitars (Badwater distressed guitars)

KLH Custom Relics (Indianapolis builder)

K-Line Custom Guitars (St. Louis builder)

Kelton Swade Guitars - (Nashville builder)

Rock N' Roll Relics (San Francisco builder - vintage replicas)

Relic Deluxe (How to Relic a guitar, DIY tutorial site)

300Guitars.com (Video demo on aging metal parts with muriatic acid)

SRVguitar.com (Turn your Strat into an SRV #1 Replica)

Toneslinger DIY relicing videos at Youtube

Wonderhowto.com (DIY, SRV Strat Video Series)

Guitar ReRanch (Refinishing supplies, instruction and forum)

Guitar Mill - Paint & refinish services including Relic work & finished replacement components.

Guitar Builder & Luthier Tools & Supplies Complete eBay category results

ValveTrain (relic-ed AMPS "Tortured Tweed")

Rebel Relic

Wall Street Journal Article

Vinetto Guitars (ck the Artifact line)

Relic Relief (satire)

more coming as I find 'em !

Relic Guitar Dealers

Pimp Your Strat!
(wiring diagrams and parts suppliers)


TUBES & AMP Parts Directory
(huge selection of vacuum tube & parts resources)

NOTE: Stratoblogster may be interested in featuring your Strat relic/DIY project. Contact us at Bigfrets77 at gmail dot com ! Include 2-3 clear photos, specs, components used and a brief description about your build, plus any tips you'd like to share which may help first timers.

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