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Peavey 5150's Were Built to Last

Peavey 6505EVH and Peavey parted ways in 2004. So ever wonder what became of the legendary 5150 & 5150 II amps? Well, first of all Peavey simply renamed the amps 6505 & 6505 Plus. EVH took back the 5150 name, but Peavey retains the original circuitry in the 6505's.

Who came out ahead in that deal? Time alone will determine how well Fender builds Ed's latest amp line. Meanwhile, time has been good to the Peavey 5150's.

Steve Morse has this to say in a recent Musician's Friend interview:
"...I also use the 5150 with Deep Purple. With them, our sound man likes the Marshall better but the 5150s are working more often. Stuff just gets slammed around in these semi trucks and I guess the Marshalls get vibrated to death. For whatever reason the 5150s, like 'em or not, they work..."

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