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Knucklehead Guitar Strings- Elevate the Culture!

Ah tell ya whut, these here 'ol boys got they-selves one helluva line o strangs!! Yessir!! is a must see website for all you white-trash, redneck geetar pickin' mutha's out there. Each strang set features a beautiful theme from America's heartland.

Besides the Super Mullet's pictured, Knucklehead also has other high-society favorites i.e.: Redheaded Stepchild "Coostic" strings, Extra-Smooth Combover Classical and others.

Knucklehead's motto is:

"Committed To Proving Dad Wrong!"

So gitter done and gitcha some Knuckleheads, and BE SOMEBODY!!

Find Knucklehead strings at these fine eBay Stores.

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