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Guitarville By Vegas - Genuine Vintage Fender

Collectible pre-CBS Fender Stratocaster

Pictured is an actual 1959 very mint Strat, currently listed at $41,500.00.

Guitarville By Vegas - eBay listings specializes in vintage pre-CBS Strats and vintage Fender parts. If you got the money, they got the honey! Take a browse there and gaze at some REAL classics. All listed items feature tons of detailed info. and photos. Proprietor Ed Matthews is an "...eBay Platinum Power Seller with over 3500 positive feedback comments, 2000 of them being repeat customers...".

I discovered Ed after stumbling upon a '63 three tone burst, 6 lb./ 13 oz. hardtail, recently sold for $27K. It just occurred to me that the weight of an ideal Strat is also roughly the average weight of a newborn human baby. I sure hope my kid amounts to something someday.

After wading thru all the relic and re-issue stuff we're seeing everywhere, it's kind of a holy experience to check out genuine vintage Strats like the ones "Eddie Vegas" has in his inventory. Some of the pieces have interesting histories as well.

A list of eBay search results of the best guitar builders, including Suhr, Grosh, Anderson, G&L, Fender and more.

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